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New Lenses to Own Frame

Whether you have an existing pair of spectacles or have bought an empty frame, we can put new lenses into most styles of frames. There are typically 3 types of frames:

  • Full Rimmed Metal or Plastic
  • Semi-Rimless (Usually top half has a solid rim with a nylon cord along the bottom)
  • Rimless (the frame is fitted into the lenses itself)

Calulating the Price

To calulate the cost of reglazing your frame with new lenses, simpy add reglazing cost of your frame to the type of lenses you require from the tables shown below.

For Example:

Standard Full Rimmed Metal Frame with Standard Single Vision Lenses is £18.00
Semi-Rimless Frame with Thin Plastic Single Vision Lenses and an Anti-Reflective Coating is £58.00


Reglazing Costs

Please note that it is not possible to reglaze all frames.

Frame Style Base Price (including Standard Plastic Lenses)
Standard Full Rimmed Metal or Plastic Frame £18.00
Semi-Rimless Frame £28.00
Rimless Frame £48.00


Single Vision Lenses

The following prices include a scratch resistant coating as standard.

Lens Type Additional Price
Standard Plastic 1.5 Included
Standard Plastic 1.5 & Tint £8.00
Standard Plastic 1.5 & UV400 inhibitor Sunglasses Tint £16.00
Standard Plastic 1.5 & Anti-Refletive Coating £12.00
Polycarbonate 1.59 £18.00
Polycarbonate 1.59 & Anti-Reflective Coating £30.00
Thin Plastic 1.6 & Anti-Refletive Coating £30.00
Extra Thin Plastic 1.67 & Anti-Refletive Coating £55.00
Ultra Thin Plastic 1.74 & Anti-Refletive Coating £100.00



Once you have chosen the lenses you require, simply print and fill out our order form and post everything to us together with a copy of your latest prescription (must be less than 2 years old). We advise that all frames are posted to us using Royal Mail Special Delivery.

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